January 1, 2016

Power Knot Offers Leasing on LFC Bio-Digesters in USA and Canada

Power Knot has formed a partnership with LCA to offer leasing in the USA and Canada. A lease allows you to reap the benefits of an LFC Bio-Digester and save money the day the LFC Bio-Digester is installed.

Here’s an example:

Current trash bill per month     $4,000
Portion that is waste food        ($2,500)
Lease on LFC per month          $1,100
New monthly costs                     $2,600
Annual savings                        $16,800

An LFC Bio-Digester can be installed and commissioned in a matter of hours. Using it is simple. Your staffs don’t need to press buttons or change configuration and all they really need to understand is that the LFC Bio-Digester can eat anything they can eat.

Fill in the form on this page to download a description of our leasing program to see if leasing an LFC Bio-Digester is applicable for your organization.