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Synthetic Refrigerant Additive


Improving the energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Why does an air conditioning or refrigeration system lose efficiency over time? What is oil fouling? Find out from this application note.

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What is a ton of refrigeration?

HVAC systems may be specified by tons. This does not refer to the mass of the unit! Read this note to find out what that means.

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COPs, EERs, and SEERs

These terms define the performance of air conditioning systems. This application note defines these terms and explains how you can use them to asses the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

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How to read and use a psychrometric chart

The psychrometric chart graphically shows the relationship between wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and enthalpy. Read this note to learn how to read the chart.

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Measuring enthalpy to calculate efficiency

If you want to calculate the amount of heat that an air conditioning system is absorbing, you need to measure the enthalpy of the air. If you have the system treated with SRA, you can measure the enthalpy after treatment. This application note explains what is meant by enthalpy, how to measure it, and how to calculate a gain in efficiency.

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SRA       Case Studies       FAQs

How does SRA affect maintenance?

This helps you to understand the effect on maintenance after treatment of an air conditioning system with SRA. In practice, most air conditioning systems or refrigeration systems operate less hard than before treatment. This makes them last longer and require less maintenance.

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Where does the oil go after application of SRA?

When we treat an air conditioning or refrigeration system with SRA, the oil that used to be stuck to the pipes is returned for use by the compressor. This application note describes the process in more detail.

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Power, Energy & Efficiency - What's the difference?

We are often asked questions about power and energy such as how much energy our LFC uses, how much power the SRA can save, or what is meant by a gain in efficiency. Often the questioner doesn’t understand our answer. This application note defines each of these attributes and should make the answers clearer.

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