New Machine Disposes of All Types of Waste

Divert Paper, Plastics, Glass, Metals, and Food from Landfill



The Disertator can turn all your waste into useful by-products and can convert metals into gold.

April 1, 2013, Milpitas, California. Power Knot today announces the availability of the Disertater, a new machine that digests all types of waste. With the new machine, a business can stop sending its trash to the landfill and instead can capitalize on the output from the Disertater. Along with the release of the new product, Power Knot is releasing its new web site which provides more ways of connecting with customers, including support for mobile phones.

With its LFC, Power Knot is the market leader in machines that can digest waste food. The new machine can digest all kinds of waste, including paper, plastics, glass, and metals, as well as waste food. The user puts all waste, unsorted, into the door at the top of the machine. As with the LFC, waste food is converted to water. But the Disertater digests the various types of waste and sends the resultant output through one of several exit portals. Glass is automatically converted to sand, plastics are automatically converted to petroleum, and metals are converted to gold and output periodically as gold bars.






“The Disertater has been under development for several years,” said Iain Milnes, President of Power Knot. “We have had to cover it up whenever we have had visitors to our office and I am pleased that it is now released. We are confident the Disertater will greatly improve the environment and there will be much demand for it.”

The machine uses Newton’s principle of Disertation to separate the various types of waste and uses a process of diabolic entropy with Goldberg correction to direct the waste to its various outputs. The machine uses no power as it operates solely from the energy generated by the digestion process. In fact, excess power generated by the Disertater can be fed back to the power grid, further benefiting the environment.

The Disertater from Power Knot outputting gold barsThe Disertater has been in trial for several months at the Hymont Excellency Hotel in Sunnyvale, Calif. “The machine has really benefited us,” said May B. Goode, Director of Operations. “We have been able to completely eliminate the trash we send to the landfill and now we make use of all the output from the Disertater. We are sure the machine will pay for itself very soon.”

Along with the new product, Power Knot is releasing its new web site. “We have given our web site a fresh look,” said KareyAnne Hill-Peterson, Marketing Coordinator at Power Knot. “Customers can more easily find the information about us and can now connect with us more easily, from mobile phones or through social media.” The Disertater is featured prominently on the home page of the new web site.

Pricing and Availability

Like the LFC, the Disertater is available in six different sizes. The smallest is the DIS-50 (from 100 lb per day) with the largest being the DIS-500 (up to 2000 lb per day). These vary in price from $17,357,000 to $54,000,000 and are available for order now.


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