Leasing an LFC

(Bio-Digester for your waste food)

Power Knot has formed a partnership with LCA to offer leasing in the USA and Canada. A lease allows you to reap the benefits of an LFC and save money the day the LFC is installed.

Here’s an example:

Current trash bill per month: $4,000Portion that is waste food: ($2,500)Lease on LFC per month: $1,100New monthly costs: $2,600Annual savings: $16,800

An LFC can be installed and commissioned in a matter of hours. Using it is simple. Your staffs don’t need to press buttons or change configuration and all they really need to understand is that the LFC can eat anything they can eat.

Fill in the form at the right to download a description of our leasing program to see if leasing an LFC is applicable for your organization.

Qualified customers in te US and Canada can lease an LFC through our partner, Lease Corporation of America (LCA)


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