How to Clean Up Smelly Garbage

LFC Helps Customers to Solve Their Messiest Disposal Problems



The LFC (Liquid Food Composter) from Power Knot digests waste food. The video shows how the LFC obviates putting waste food into a trash container where it will smell as it rots.

Many commercial producers of food – including hotels and restaurants – have an unavoidable amount of organic waste. The problems associated with this waste are fairly common:

•  the handling of the waste food is a messy and tiresome business

•  the garbage container smells

•  the garbage container attracts flies, or worse, rodents

•  the cost of the trash collection too high

In addition progressive companies – especially green restaurants, green hotels, and green businesses – are trying to make a big reduction to their carbon foot print or trying to have zero waste exit their facility. The LFC from Power Knot can help solve these and other problems and the video shows in a simple animated manner how it can help.

You connect the LFC to hot and cold water, the internet, and ac power. You put waste food into the LFC and the LFC outputs grey water

“Most people are just unaware of their options to dispose of waste food,” said KareyAnne Hill-Peterson, in marketing at Power Knot. “We wanted to show them a green way of proper disposal. The video goes step by step the issues in a way that even my mother can understand.”

The LFC digests waste food in a clean, sanitary, and odorless manner. It fits in the kitchen or washing area so it is convenient and simple to use. As a biological high technology digester that is totally green, the LFC saves the mess, cost, and inconvenience of dumping the waste on a landfill. The LFC reduces significantly the carbon footprint of any company and typically has a payback of less than two years.

Pricing and Availability

The Liquid Food Composter (models LFC-50, LFC-70, LFC-100, LFC-200, LFC-300, LFC-500, and LFC-1000) are manufactured by Power Knot and supported globally. The LFC is a bio-digester for commercial and industrial kitchens that decomposes food waste on site. For sales in the USA, the LFC is generally shipped from California and prices start at $16,000.


Liquid Food Composter size 200
Garbage with substance leaking out and smell rising from it.
With the LFC, lower your carbon footprint while increasing sustainable profits.
The LFC digests all waste food


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