May 3, 2019

Power Knot Tipped for Bin Benefit

The article was originally published on Catering Insight.

US-based food waste management equipment provider Power Knot has launched the SBT-140, a stainless steel bin tipper.

The Power Knot SBT-140 bin tipper can lift bins weighing up to 70kg.

This is designed to safely empty organic waste bins used in commercial kitchens and other foodservice environments that need to be clean and hygienic.

Powered by a low-pressure hydraulic mechanism, the SBT bin tipper lifts bins weighing up to 70kg and deposits the contents into any waste receptacle.It can also be paired with high-volume Power Knot LFC-300 or LFC-500 biodigesters, which biologically convert waste food into grey water.

The manufacturer believes that emptying a full bin is unhygienic and physically challenging, and that manually lifting full bins of food waste into a dumpster can result in worker injuries and messy accidents.

The SBT tipper is designed ensures safe and efficient emptying of heavy bins. Safety features of the tipper include dual switches that require the operator to have hands on them at all times for operation, a red light on the opposite side to warn other personnel, a safety cutout switch with a removable key, and solid lockable wheels.

Furthermore, the centre of mass of the bin and its contents are at all times within the footprint of the SBT bin tipper, which should ensure that it cannot tip over. The tipper can be equipped with optional side panels with a mesh screen and an interlocking door.

Iain Milnes, president of Power Knot, said: “We designed the SBT-140 from the ground up for use in professional foodservice environments, which demand simplicity, reliability, and hygiene.

“Since Power Knot bin tippers are constructed from the same high-grade stainless steel as our range of biodigesters they are easy to keep clean and are extremely durable.”

Power Knot SBT bin tippers include a 3-year warranty and are designed for use in any commercial kitchen and to fit through any standard door.

They can be configured to handle American, European, and Australasian styles of bins up to 140litres. The battery is said to provide a full week of operation between charges, while a built-in battery meter indicates when charging is needed.

Power Knot