July 26, 2021

Why Sustainability is Key for Restaurants Returning to a Post-Covid World

As the world slowly begins to reopen, restaurant owners find themselves facing new pressure points that the post-pandemic era has unwittingly created. Though many restaurants are cutting costs in various areas, we have found that sustainability is key in addressing these issues and helping restaurants persevere through these new uncharted waters.

July 19, 2021

The Maldives’ Movement towards Sustainable Waste Management

With more than 80% of its 1,190 coral islands standing less than 1 meter above sea level, the Maldives is particularly vulnerable to changes in sea level. If global warming continue at the same pace, most of the Maldives Republic’s 200 inhabited islands may need to be abandoned by 2100. We discuss how the Maldives are currently tackling waste management and how sustainable changes can save the islands.

July 13, 2021

Building a Business Case for Sustainability Solutions: Carbon Summit Recap

Over the course of two days, experts in the fields of agriculture, sustainability, climate change, and renewable technologies shared their visions in the first Carbon Summit. We review how achieving these carbon reductions requires recognition that sustainability takes many forms and requires a community that can build progress together.


April 5, 2021

How UNL Diverted 40,000 kg of Food Waste from Landfills

Watch this on demand webinar to learn how UNL has diverted 44,000 kg (98,000 lb) of food waste from landfills and reduced Nebraska’s carbon footprint by 95 tons in less than one year with the LFC Biodigester!

February 18, 2021

Sustainable Food Waste Solution for the Maldives Webinar

Watch this on demand webinar to learn how five star resort Dusit Thani stayed ahead of the environmental government mandates affecting the Maldives and has maintained zero food waste with the LFC Biodigester for the last two years!

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