LFC-1000 Biodigester

Bigger capacity.

Digest food waste 24/7

Now with a daily capacity up to 3000 kg (6600 lb)!

LFC-1000 Biodigester

Bigger capacity.

Convert waste food 24/7.

Now with 1000 kg (2200 lb.) capacity per day!


1000 kg
(2200 lb.)


70 kg
(155 lb.)


2.61 m x 1.45 m x 2.56 m
(8′ 7″ x 4′ 9″ x 8′ 5″)

Save the planet,

save the cost.

While the costs for your trash pickup are always increasing, you have low operation costs for digesting waste food onsite with a rapid payback period.

More to load,

less to lift.

Load you biodigester with the built-in bin lifter. If there is insufficient space in the machine or if the bin is too heavy, it will return to the ground.

Works with your bins.

LFC-1000 biodigester is built to work with a variety of roller bins that are used around the world, including foot operated bins, bins for the USA (ANSI type B), the global style of binS (EN 840) and hybrid types of bins.

Wave the card,

we’ll take care of

the rest.

To load the machine, the operator fits the bin onto the lift mechanism and then activates the emptying with an authorized card.

The door opens automatically.

Waste management

with integrated data analytics

Keep track of who operates the machine, from which department, what types of waste food go into the machine.

Up to 10 NFC cards can be authorized.

Choose a trusted brand.

Power Knot’s LFC-1000 biodigester builds on a decade of experience to extend the range of our biodigesters.

Get the white paper that shows how you can save money with the LFC biodigester.


LFC series biodigester applications

The LFC biodigester can be used to save money at a variety of facilities that have waste food including:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Corporate and university cafeterias
  • Restaurants and highway service centers
  • Theme parks, convention centers, and stadia
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Military canteens
  • Bakeries and caterers
  • Supermarkets and food distribution centers
  • Cruise ships and oil tankers
  • Remote camps for mining and humanitarian aid
  • Island properties
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