LFC Bio-Digester

The LFC Bio-Digester is a commercial bio-digester that decomposes most waste food within 24 hours.

The LFC Bio-Digester reduces the mess, cost, and inconvenience of disposing of waste food. Instead of sending waste food to the landfill where it decomposes into methane, you can cleanly and safely break down the waste on site.


SRA Synthetic Additive

The SRA Synthetic Additive is a liquid that is added to the refrigerant circuit of an air-conditioning system, food cooler, or HVAC system. It removes the oil fouling found on such systems and improves the conductivity between the refrigerant and the space or material being cooled. The SRA is applied once and thereafter improves the efficiency of the system by at least 10%, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.